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Real Estate

We offer our Clients broad-based legal advice on real estate matters such as commercial and residential leasing, real estate finance, selling, purchasing, and real estate investment. Purchasing, selling, or investing in real estate is a process that should be handled thoroughly and with care. Our attorneys will guide you through all of the legal processes directed towards helping you prepare for a successful future.

Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights

  • Severing and forfeiture in mineral rights
  • Royalty interests in mineral rights
  • Property leases
  • State regulation of the Oil and Gas Conservation Act
  • Michigan Utilization Law

Dormant Mineral Acts

  • Taxes related to mineral interests
  • Orphan Well Fund Program

Water-Related Property Rights

  • Ownership of bottomland
  • Use of service water by riparian owners
  • Consumptive use of sub-surface water
  • Public rights on navigable waters
  • State control and regulation of water
  • Flowage rights, dams, and drainage


  • Nature of fixtures
  • Financing of fixtures (i.e., attachment of professional security interest)
  • Improvement to another’s property


  • Legal description
  • Surveyors and surveying
  • Easements
  • Easements versus other interests
  • Types of easements
  • Creation of easements
  • Duration, extension, and responsibility of the parties
  • Transferring easements
  • Terminating easements
  • Interfering with easement rights (fire walls, light, air, and view)
  • Subjacent and lateral support
  • Statutory easements for condominium projects
  • Conservation easements

Different Types of Estates

  • Life estate
  • Conditional estates
  • Estates of inheritance
  • Fee simple estates

Concurrent Ownership

  • Tenancy in common
  • Joint tenancy
  • Tenancy with full rights of survivorship
  • Tenancy by the entirety
  • Partnership
  • Joint venture


  • Requirements for valid deeds
  • Forms of conveyances
  • Quit claim deeds
  • Warranty deeds


  • Marketable title
  • Evidence of title
  • Resolving title issues

Real Estate Brokers

  • Government regulation of brokers and listing agreements
  • Broker’s duty to the principal
  • Agencies

Real Estate Sales Contracts

  • What is a valid sales contract?

Land Contracts

  • What is a valid land contract and the rights related thereto
  • Defaults and remedies


  • What makes a valid mortgage and the different types of mortgages in Michigan
  • Defaults and remedies


  • Responsibilities of parties
  • Issues surrounding closings


  • Construction lending
  • State construction code
  • Construction contracting
  • Subcontracting
  • Construction liens

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