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Michigan Contract Law: Everything You Should Know

Contract Laws in Michigan refers to a set of laws governing the formation, execution, and breach of contracts in Michigan. If you are entering into a contract with an individual or organization in Michigan, it is important to know how the state’s contract law differs from that of other states. With such knowledge, you will […]
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How Long Does Probate Take? – Estate Planning

If you own any property at all, you probably know about estate planning. You can decide what happens to your assets after you die, of course. But sometimes, people don’t pen a will or trust before they pass. Or, if they do, it’s not clear in its directions. They might even have debts that conflict […]
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What is a Residential Real Estate Contract?

What is a residential real estate contract? A real estate contract provides the details as to a sale and purchase of a property. Specifically, among other provisions, the purchase price, deposit and financing, legal description of the property, and closing date are clearly stated. Such details are set in writing to make sure the seller […]
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Estate Planning vs. Will: What’s the Difference?

While estate planning and writing a will often go hand in hand, they’re actually entirely different terms. Simply put, an estate plan is a broader plan of action for your assets that may apply during your life as well as after your death. A will, on the other hand, dictates where your assets will go […]
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Copyrights: What They Are and How to Register Them

Whether you realize it or not, you’re most likely already a copyright owner. In basic terms, copyrights grants someone legal protection for their “original works of authorship.” This can include a wide variety of works, such as paintings, sculptures, and even software or sound recordings. It can also include a lot less formal things such […]
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